Agency Service Pricing

Upload App in Play Store


This service covers :
  • Upload App in PlayStore
  • Add App Description
  • Add Screenshot
  • Add Icon
  • Only one app included (If we provide one bundle in multiple apps)
Notes: We will upload APK on PlayStore only once. For Future uploads, you have to manage.
This service does NOT cover : 
  • No more than 1 revision
  • App Purchase. You need to purchase our App and give us the purchase code.
  • Customization of app functionality
Estimated Delivery: Up to 1 Business Day.

(After we receive all necessary details from you)


You Build, We Upload it on PlayStore!
Avoid the stress of uploading your Android app on the PlayStore with our Mobile App Uploading service. Let our app experts upload your app on  PlayStore for you. Save your time and efforts in launching your stunning app!
Notes: Once you complete the payment, then please create a support ticket with the subject “Addon” and add “Transaction ID”. Our support agent will communicate with you to jumpstart your work ASAP.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What do I need before purchasing this service?
    • PlayStore Account Detail (email and password)
    • Feature icon
      • PNG or JPEG
      • 1024 px by 500 px
      • Up to 1 MB
    • App Icon
      • Transparent PNG or JPEG
      • 512 px by 512 px
      • Up to 1 MB
    • App Screenshot(5-6)
    • About the Application
      • Short Description of Application
      • Full Description of the Application
      • App Category
    • Email
    • Privacy Policy URL

  1. Do you offer a refund?
    We offer refunds only if we are not able to deliver the promised service.

  1. Can I buy this service for Non-IQONIC App?
    No, Currently we only take up App Setup with IQONIC Design App. Explore all our products here 


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